During an interview with Fox News last night Shannon Spann, the widow of the first American casualty in Afghanistan, ripped Joe Biden over his defiant stance during his address to the nation over his botched withdrawal.

Via Fox News:

Shannon Spann, the widow of a fellow CIA officer who was the first American service member to be killed in combat in Afghanistan soon after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, also reflected on children and women she met in the Middle Eastern nation during the U.S.’ intervention and what their lives will look like with the Taliban back in power.

“You don’t have to look further than the airport in Kabul to see that local Afghans don’t believe [the Taliban’s] story of ‘we’re going to be peaceful, we’re not going to do reprisals, we’re going to invite participation from women,'” Spann told Fox News. “People literally clinging to the landing gear of aircraft to try to get away from the story that they know is about to be written.”

…President Biden said Monday during an address that he stood behind his decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan, even though the Taliban swept through the nation.

“I’m deeply disappointed in President Biden’s defiant stance in his address to the nation,” Spann told Fox News. “In times of conflict, excellent leaders keep people bigger than the problem.”

“We utterly failed at keeping people bigger than the problem,” Spann continued.

Spann told Fox News that the U.S. neglected to keep the vision of the people involved, including operators, military personnel who had devoted 20 years to the mission in Afghanistan, Gold Star families, the women and children Spann met and the Afghan society as a whole.

“We prioritized a narrow subset of a problem over all of those people,” Spann said.

Shannon is sadly one hundred percent correct that the U.S. failed in Afghanistan and Joe Biden’s actions made things far worse than they should have been.

In fact Biden’s failure in Afghanistan is so huge, that even CNN can’t avoid calling him out on it.

Clarissa Ward, one of CNN’s reporters in Kabul, reporting on the catastrophe unfolding outside of the Kabul International Airport said “if this isn’t failure, what does failure look like exactly?”

The unfolding catastrophe in Afghanistan is by far the worst failure by any American president in my lifetime and the whole thing could have been totally avoided if it had been managed properly.

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