CNN’s Barbara Starr pressed Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby on why the U.S. government has not released a specific total of how many Americans have been evacuated from Afghanistan.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Kirby spoke about the difficulties in ascertaining the number of U.S. citizens in Afghanistan while the country remains in chaos after falling to the Taliban. The Biden administration has been imprecise on how many Americans and Afghan refugees are still trying to flee Kabul, and when Kirby called on Starr, she prefaced her question by saying “I really don’t understand this.”

“Even if this administration does not have the denominator, that is not my question,” she said. “My question is can this administration tell the American people how many Americans it has evacuated from Afghanistan? And if you cannot, can you please explain — not the denominator — why can’t you just say the number?”

“We are going to leave it at several thousand right now,” Kirby said. He conceded that was “not a satisfying answer,” but defended himself by saying “the number literally changes almost by the hour.”

“So does everything else,” Starr countered.

“I understand, Barbara,” Kirby said. “We’re gonna leave it at several thousand for right now.”

Starr followed up by pressing Kirby on what the U.S. Military is doing to rescue Americans from outside the area they have occupied around Kabul airport. She also asked if the military is taking steps to destroy any equipment they can’t bring out of Afghanistan.

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