Dr. Anthony Fauci predicted that the FDA’s full authorization of the Pfizer Covid vaccine will result in more mandates and more vaccinations, and a possible return to normalcy in the spring.

On Tuesday morning, Fauci joined NBC News’ Today Show to discuss the FDA’s full approval of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine, during which Craig Melvin asked the White House Covid team member why he’s confident the approval will result in more vaccinations.

“You’ve expressed some confidence, Dr. Fauci, that this full approval is going to move the needle in terms of vaccinations,” Melvin said, and asked “Is that because you think the previously skeptical folks are going to suddenly rush out and get the shot? Or is that because more private companies will be able to mandate that they get the shot?”

“It’s going to be both,” Dr. Fauci replied, explaining that “There’s a survey that shows that about 30% of the people who have not gotten vaccinated and had been reluctant to get vaccinated have said that once they get what they consider the stamp of approval, the final impromptu from the FDA, that they would very seriously consider getting vaccinated.”

He went on to add that with the approval, “there will be much more enthusiasm in mandating vaccines, be they in corporations, in places of employment, universities, colleges, the military.”

“All of that, I believe, will contribute greatly to the number of people vaccinated,” Fauci said, and added a third factor: “Pfizer, can now advertise. So there will be a lot more advertisement out there which you were not allowed to do unless you did get full approval. So I believe those three things working together, hopefully, will get a lot more people vaccinated.”

Fauci also told Melvin that when it comes to a return to normal, “Our fate is in our own hands. It probably will be, you know, I’ve said a couple of times if we do it right and get through the winter, I hope as we get to the spring of 2022, we’ll get there. I hope so. It’s up to us.”

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