Former Fox News host and NRA President Oliver North received a standing ovation in a Tennessee church after swearing about the Biden administration’s slow movement in getting interpreters who worked with U.S. forces out of Afghanistan.

The Marine Corps combat veteran addressed the issue in the spring after President Joe Biden announced his intention to pull all U.S. forces from the country by the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks next month.

North — co-author of the newly released, “We Didn’t Fight for Socialism: America’s Veterans Speak Up” — came back to the topic again last week in an appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity” following the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

In May, while participating in a panel discussion at World Outreach Church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, North explained to the Sunday morning crowd the importance of the Biden administration cutting the red tape in order to get the 17,000 interpreters and their 100,000 family members out of the Near Eastern nation before the U.S. military withdrew.

He argued it would be “unconscionable” to do otherwise because of the vital role the interpreters played in the conduct of the war.

“They’ve helped us for 20 years,” North said. “Over 300 of them have already been killed. If we leave them behind, it will be a bloodbath for them and their families, and our credibility around the rest of the world when we have to go somewhere — and we will — we won’t find anybody who wants to help us.”

North contended that all Biden would have to do is issue an executive order, noting “he’s famous or infamous for the number of executive orders” he’s already issued.

“If you’re listening Mr. Biden, do this. I’m sorry, Nancy Pelosi just cut us off,” the Vietnam War veteran joked.

“Sign an executive order ordering the Department of State and the Department of Defense to cooperate in waiving the conditions in what’s called a special [immigrant] visa,” said North, who has traveled to Afghanistan multiple times to cover the war and be with the troops.

“Get [the Afghans] to safety. Let’s say Guam,” and from there, process them, he added.

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