A video from Kabul allegedly showed a woman begging U.S. forces to save her from the Taliban, which came back into power after Democrat President Joe Biden decided to pull out of Afghanistan in a widely-criticized manner.

“A crying Afghan woman has been filmed begging for help through a fence shouting ‘the Taliban is coming,’ as U.S. troops were swarmed by crowds of desperate people trying to flee Taliban rule,” The New York Post reported. “The videos are believed to have been taken at Kabul’s Hamid Karzai airport where additional US troops were flown in to help secure the area and protect Americans still trying to evacuate after thousands of Afghans stormed onto the tarmac and tried to climb onboard US military planes.”


The video comes as thousands of Americans are still trapped inside of Afghanistan as all out chaos erupted late last week as the Taliban rapidly regained control of the country.

Early on Wednesday morning, Taliban extremists were seen shooting at protesters in the northeastern city of Jalalabad allegedly because they were waving the Afghanistan flag in protest of the new regime.

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