Tucker Carlson continued to rail against the idea of Afghan refugees coming to the United States,

There have been bipartisan calls for the U.S. to welcome refugees from Afghanistan, and Georgia’s Republican governor Brian Kemp suggested he’s open to accepting refugees. On Monday Carlson actually likened that prospect to the U.S. being “invaded.”

He continued Tuesday night, bringing up Jen Psaki talking at the latest White House briefing about “getting as many American citizens, as many SIV applicants, as many members of vulnerable populations who are eligible to be evacuated to the airport and out on planes.”

“Notice how she puts all three together. Americans, special visa applicants, vulnerable populations. What the hell is that?” Carlson responded. “The American government exists to help American citizens. Not to help vulnerable populations, whatever that is.”

He told viewers it’s “not just translators they want to import,” but “anybody in Afghanistan who wants to come here for the free health care.”

Carlson brought up the call from 46 senators for the Biden administration to act, and attacked Kemp as “pathetic” for his willingness to accept refugees.

He said the media favors bringing in refugees because “they hate the population of the United States,” and suggested the United States “have a moratorium on any new people coming in so we can sort our own problems” and “after we have brought all of our Americans home.”

In speaking with Sean Parnell, a veteran running for Senate in Pennsylvania, Carlson even said this:

Something happens in the brains — particularly these middle-aged Republican leaders, their brains go soft. Low testosterone may be part of the cause.

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