According to NBC News the Taliban are now absurdly claiming that impersonators are the ones beating men, women and children in the streets of Afghanistan.

Let me repeat that for emphasis: “Reports emerge of Taliban fighters beating women and children at a checkpoint in Kabul. Taliban officials deny their fighters have been involved in this sort of violence, blaming the injuries on men impersonating the Taliban.”

This is absurd and no right thinking person should take it seriously.

Of course it is the Taliban beating people, especially those perceived to have helped the West, or those trying to flee the country. No one is “impersonating” them.

More via NBC News:

Images of the Taliban cracking down on a protest and bloodied women and children beaten by fighters are contradicting the more moderate image the militant group has been trying to project as it tries to consolidate power in Afghanistan.

…Meanwhile, the Taliban’s assurance of a “safe passage” to the Kabul airport, where thousands have thronged in a desperate bid to be taken out of the country, has also been undermined by a report and photographs by a Los Angeles Times journalist.

In one of the graphic images, a woman and child are seen with blood on their faces and apparently unconscious.

Hundreds of people were outside the airport on Wednesday, according to The Associated Press. It said the Taliban demanded to see documents before allowing the rare passenger inside. The Taliban fired occasional warning shots to disperse them, the agency said.

Meanwhile, The Guardian reported the militants were checking documents and forcibly turning some people around at checkpoints, refusing to let them reach the airport. NBC News was not able to independently verify these reports.

These reports contrast with a new, more modern image that the Taliban have tried to paint in their first press conference since their takeover of Kabul Tuesday night. Their officials deny their fighters have been involved in this sort of violence, blaming the injuries on men impersonating the Taliban.

This is a sad moment for both Afghanistan and the United States of America.

Why Americans and those Afghanis who helped us were not evacuated before Biden pulled out our troops and air support contractors is simply mind boggling.

Instead thousands of Americans and Afghans are being held hostage by the new regime via their tight ring around the airport.

What is happening inside that war torn country is a national disgrace for the USA and a catastrophe of epic proportions for the Afghani people.

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