Drivers were asked to avoid the 5 Freeway 5 in Del Mar after a small plane landed on the interstate Tuesday afternoon.

Caltrans said all southbound lanes of the 5 Freeway at Via De La Valle are closed, along with the northbound HOV lane.

California Highway Patrol told KTLA sister station KSWB the plane came into contact with several vehicles during the landing.

Two occupants were aboard the plane, and neither were injured, CHP officials said.

A few minor injuries were reported among people who were in their cars when the plane landed.

A woman told KSWB she and her husband were driving down the freeway during a trip to celebrate their wedding anniversary when they felt something big hit their car.

“Glass shattered everywhere. All of a sudden we just see the plane in front of us,” the woman said. “We were scared out of our minds. I felt like there was so much adrenaline that I didn’t realize at first if I was hurt.”

She said she and her husband both escaped serious injury.

“The people that were driving behind us drove by us after and let us know that it literally landed on top of our car,” the woman said. “There’s jet fuel all over the back of our back seat. All of my clothes are soaked and there’s glass everywhere.”

Aerial video showed the nose of the plane resting on the median in the center of the freeway and the aircraft appeared to be missing part of one wing. Pieces of debris were scattered along the road.

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