House Speaker Nancy Pelosi could not be more dense and out of touch if she tried.

Hours after terrorist suicide bombs were going off in Kabul, killing ten US Servicemen and wounding others, Nancy Pelosi chose to tweet about Women’s Equality Day.

“More than a century ago, after generations of marching and fighting, courageous suffragists finally won full and equal citizenship and representation in our democracy with the adoption of the 19th Amendment. We honor those who moved our nation closer toward full equality for all,” Pelosi wrote.

“We also remember the many heroic women of color, too often unsung, who carried on the fight for decades more to overcome discrimination and injustice to win fair access to the ballot for every community,” she said.

“Despite progress, women across the nation still face barriers to full equality: from shameful pay disparities to the unfair economic impacts of the pandemic to the brazen assault on the right to vote. At this moment, Democrats are committed to Building Back Better with Women,” she continued.

“Today, and every day, let us summon the suffragists’ spirit of hope and strive to lift up the voices of women across the nation – because we know this truth: when women succeed, America succeeds,” she concluded.

While admittedly these were probably scheduled tweets it is beyond dense for her not to cancel them or at least come out with some comment about what is happening in Afghanistan.

Pelosi was already in hot water for not addressing Afghanistan at all this week.

Pelosi called the House back from their break to vote on her priorities, namely the election bill, a procedural rule to move the $3.5 billion spending nightmare forward and to schedule a vote on the equally disastrous $1.5 billion infrastructure bill. She then promptly closed up shop, sending everyone back home.

She did not address anything with Afghanistan or getting American citizens and those who helped them over the past 20 years home.

This did not sit well with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Fox News reports:

“Pelosi was around the Capitol “late into the night” working on Democrats’ spending agenda, McCarthy said, but “not one moment of that time was spent on getting Americans home from Afghanistan.”

McCarthy continued: “What do you think those Americans were doing late at night, trying to find a path to get to that airport?… Not one moment was spent on – not one dollar was passed this time in Congress. Five trillion, just deemed not debated, none of that money going to help an American get back.”

She is a complete disgrace.

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