According to eye witness reports military evacuation flights are resuming at Kabul International Airport after being shut down yesterday by hundreds of desperate Afghans trying to escape the country.

While this is good news it appears the Taliban have formed a “ring” just outside of the Kabul airport and are preventing anyone from entering, effectively stranding thousands of Americans and Afghanis trying to get out.

Via Fox News:

A former senior U.S. defense official who has been in contact with American commanders on the ground in Kabul tells Fox News’ Bret Baier that “the Taliban have a ring outside of the airport and won’t let anyone inside it.”

The source said the 82nd Airborne is securing the airport but “the big issue here is that no people outside of the Taliban ring will get in.”

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby told ABC News on Tuesday that the State Department has started giving evacuation orders to Americans in Kabul that previously were advised to shelter in place.

“Our focus militarily is very squarely on the airport, making sure that we can keep it up and running, that we can maintain security and stability there,” Kirby said.

The U.S. military needs to act quickly to neutralize the Taliban’s “ring” so that those who need to evacuate Afghanistan are able to get to the airport and get out of the country before the security situation deteriorates further.

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