Maria BartiromoThe graphics department that serves Mornings With Maria made a significant mistake when it created a completely false on-air visual that claimed that 241,000 Americans have died as a result of the Afghanistan War. Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of US history knows that’s not correct, but the vetting process at Fox Business didn’t seem to catch this rather glaring mistake.

The graphic came up during an interview between anchor Maria Bartiromo and former President Donald Trump, who hit many of the same exact talking points he has hit on nearly every other appearance with one of his favorite personalities; probably a favorite because Bartiromo never really asks Trump a challenging question, despite the fact she is considered a news anchor. Or is she?

During a conversation about the trillion-dollar budget plans by the Biden administration, which includes a relatively landmark bipartisan supported infrastructure bill, producers put up a graphic that listed the true cost of the Afghanistan war, which claimed that 241,000 US Deaths. The graphic cites Brown University’s “Cost of War Project.

Maria Bartiromo US Deaths

But as one can clearly read from the report, the 241,000 deaths are not US citizens as the Mornings With Maria graphic speciously claimed. From the report:

The Costs of War Project also estimates that 241,000 people have died as a direct result of this war. These figures do not include deaths caused by disease, loss of access to food, water, infrastructure, and/or other indirect consequences of the war.

The report even goes so far as to explain in great detail how they came up with the death toll of  241,000 deaths. To wit:

241,000 Deaths from Afghanistan War

Over 6,000 US citizens lost their lives during the two-decade-long war, according to the Brown University report, which is a tragic outcome for anyone, especially seeing as the war-torn country just returned to rule by the Taliban extremists.

But 241,000 US citizens did not die as a result of the Afghanistan war

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