The White House announced that nearly 22,000 people were evacuated from Kabul in a period of 24 hours, by far the highest 1-day total so far.

With the August 31 deadline looming, the pace of evacuations from Afghanistan has picked up drastically. According to a statement provided to Mediaite by a White Hoouse official:

From August 23 at 3:00 AM EDT to August 24 at 3:00 AM EDT, a total of approximately 21,600 people were evacuated from Kabul. This is the result of 37 US military flights (32 C-17s and 5 C-130s) which carried approximately 12,700 evacuees, and 57 coalition flights which carried 8,900 people.

Since August 14, the U.S. has evacuated and facilitated the evacuation of approximately 58,700 people. Since the end of July, we have re-located approximately 63,900 people.

 That’s nearly double the 10,900 who were evacuated in the previous 24-hour period, and quadruple the number from the 24 hours before that. And as CNN anchor John Berman noted Tuesday morning, all “without a single U.S. casualty.”

The White House is under tremendous pressure to complete the evacuation of Americans and their allies, whom President Joe Biden has pledged to get to safety.

The president has said that he is prepared to have U.S. troops stay beyond the August 31 deadline if necessary, but has consistently said that the pace of evacuations would likely have the mission completed by then.

“It depends on where we are and whether we can get — ramp these numbers up to five to seven thousand a day coming out. If that’s the case, they’ll all be out,” Biden said in an interview, but added “If there’s American citizens left, we’re going to stay until we get them all out.”

The pace of evacuations over the past 24 hours is more double the initial estimate of 5,000-9,000 per day.

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