A blue check mark “journalist” drew widespread mockery this weekend for having a panic attack over an unmasked woman at a “Scouts” meeting.

“Friends have their kids in Scouts. We go to the meet-and-greet and I shit you not, the pack mother didn’t wear a mask the whole time. I got so anxious that I had to leave,” self-identified “journalist” Jason Wilson tweeted.

His Twitter profile lists him as a “journalist” who writes and edits for the technology website VentureBeat’s video game section.

View his tweet below:

The tweet got hit so hard that Wilson locked it so that only people he “follows or mentioned can reply” directly.

Thankfully, the responses posted before he initiated the lock still remain, and they’re scorching hot in their brutality.

Some questioned his manhood (*Language warning):

Some suggested he needs a tesosterone shot:

Some contrasted him to real men:

Some said he’s a “safe space” baby who should never leave home.

And some noted the obvious, which is that for some reason, paranoid-delusional wimps who’re scared of their own shadows always turn out to be “journalists”:

But he’s not just a “journalist.” He’s yet another radically far-left “journalist” who’s obsessed with the Jan. 6th riot at the Capitol, who thinks Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is the devil incarnate and who hates the Republican Party.


Why are they ALL like this?

From MSNBC’s Joy Reid, who wore two masks while jogging last April, despite being fully vaccinated:

To the 85 percent of Democrats who, according to a Monmouth University poll published around the start of the month, support the re-introduction of mask mandates.

The same poll found that a 73 percent majority of Republicans and 55 percent majority of Independent oppose their reintroduction.

Yet mask mandates have already begun to reappear across the states, though only in Democrat-run cities and states.

Meanwhile in the Republican-led state of Florida, DeSantis — someone whom many say is a “real man” — has made it clear that he isn’t tolerating the reintroduction of mask mandates, period.

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