Over the weekend, Hawaii’s Democratic Lt. Gov. Josh Green was targeted by protestors who appeared outside the condominium complex where he resides with his wife and young daughters. The protestors were angry in part over vaccine rules for state and county workers. Flyers calling Green a “fraud” and a “Jew” have been posted around the neighborhood.

But Green, who is Jewish, wasn’t home at the time because he was working his second job as an emergency room doctor, where he’s been treating patients with Covid-19. The lieutenant governor said that 100% of the ER cases he has seen have been among unvaccinated people.

Green appeared on Monday’s ReidOut to describe to Joy Reid what he’s been seeing at the hospital he works at.

“Everyone in the hospital that I’m caring for is now, well, they’re unvaccinated,” said Green. “And they’re usually very tearful because they realize they could have prevented it. I have not had a single patient yet who has been vaccinated, so all of my Covid patients have been unvaccinated.”

He added, “They all are beside themselves because they know now they could die because they could’ve done the one simple thing, which was to get vaccinated.”

Reid pointed to recent reports of some people seeking out the anti-parasite drug ivermectin as an alternative to the Covid-19 vaccine. Last week Mississippi’s top public health official pleaded with people to stop buying horse de-worming medication at feed stores for their own personal use. Ivermectin-related calls to poison control in the state now account for 70% of all calls.

Green stated while he hadn’t seen any cases of ivermectin toxicity, he has had patients demand he give them the drug:

I have had even educated people who watched too much of the wrong news and who watch feeds on social media yell at me for not prescribing ivermectin or other treatments that don’t work. So it’s really sad because, once again, people who should be getting the right information, who should be capable of doing the right things and making the right decisions to not catch covid are now completely confused because of the rhetoric that’s become political.”

He may have been referencing certain segments on Fox News, in which some hosts have suggested ivermectin can be an effective treatment for Covid, despite a lack of credible scientific evidence. On Monday FoxNews.com covered the news that the FDA is warning people ivermectin is not a covid-19 treatment.

Green later added, “At the end, it’s going to be science, not some some kind of science fiction, that stops this pandemic.”

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