Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has, through the Florida Department of Education, punished two school districts that ignored his executive order and are mandating masks in schools for students.

Via Fox News:

The Florida Board of Education voted unanimously to sanction two public school districts that are mandating mask wearing, defying Gov. Ron DeSantis’s executive order banning such requirements.

“These districts, maybe while well-intentioned, have not followed the protocols,” said Florida Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran during the education board meeting Tuesday. “They have to comply with the law, whether they agree with it or not.”

The DeSantis administration says the two districts, Alachua and Broward, do not allow parents the freedom to choose whether their children wear masks and require doctor’s notes in order to get around masking.

The sanctions, which are the first punishments levied against schools in the state, will be specified after further investigation. Education board chairman Tom Grady, however, said the sanctions could include withholding school officials’ salaries and removing them from their job posts.

Meanwhile, the largest district in the state, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, is expected to consider imposing a mask mandate on Wednesday.

DeSantis signed an executive order in July making mask-wearing optional in public schools, after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated mask guidance recommending all teachers and students to mask up, regardless of vaccination status.

“The federal government has no right to tell parents that in order for their kids to attend school in person, they must be forced to wear a mask all day, every day,” DeSantis said in a statement at the end of July. “Many Florida schoolchildren have suffered under forced masking policies, and it is prudent to protect the ability of parents to make decisions regarding the wearing of masks by their children.”

We applaud this move by DeSantis and the Florida Board of Education.

Teachers and teachers unions have become bullies and seem way more focused on their political agenda than on teaching students.

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