Every single Fox News staff member—yes, that includes you, Tucker—has been ordered to tell their bosses whether or not they’ve been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

In an internal memo obtained by CNN, Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott told her colleagues that the company has “asked all employees—whether on site as part of our essential workforce or working remotely—to upload their vaccination status” into a company database. Scott also told staff that Fox News is “requiring employees to wear a mask in small, confined spaces with limited opportunities for social distancing and where there are multiple employees, including control rooms.” (The memo was an update on protocols implemented in June when Fox Corp set up FOX Clear Pass, a system similar to a vaccine passport allowing employees to submit their vaccine status to avoid certain COVID-19 restrictions.)

The policies are likely to upset some of the network’s top on-screen talent—Tucker Carlson has repeatedly been prickly about revealing his vaccine status. In May, when a reporter asked him if he’d been vaccinated, he texted back: “When was the last time you had sex with your wife and in what position? We can trade intimate details.”

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