CBS’ News Ed O’Keefe confronted President Joe Biden Sunday on a new poll showing a majority of people disapprove of his handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal.

New polling from CBS News shows that while 63 percent of respondents support withdrawing from Afghanistan, 53 percent disapprove of the president’s handling of it. An NBC News poll found a majority of people agreeing with that sentiment as well.

O’Keefe started by asking Biden if he trusts the Taliban, before bringing up the poll results.

“The poll also found that based in part on what’s transpired in the past week, a majority of Americans — forgive me, I’m just the messenger — no longer consider you to be competent, focused, or effective at the job,” he continued.

The CBS poll shows that in April, 55-56 percent of respondents agreed Biden has been “competent,” “focused,” and “effective” in his actions as president. Those numbers are now, respectively, 49, 48, and 47 percent.

“I haven’t seen that poll,” the president remarked, before defending the Afghanistan withdrawal.

When O’Keefe asked again if he trusts the Taliban, he quipped, “I don’t trust anybody, including you. I love you, but, you know, there’s not a lot of people I trust.”

He continued to stand by his decision to withdraw:

At the end of the day, if we didn’t leave Afghanistan now, when do we leave? Another ten years? Another five years? Another year? I’m not about to send your son or your daughter to fight in Afghanistan. I don’t see where that is in our overwhelming interest. And the talk about how our interests are going to be impacted — let me tell you. You’re sitting in Beijing or you’re sitting in Moscow. Are you happy we left? They’d love nothing better for us to continue to be bogged down there, totally occupied with what’s going on.

“I think history is going to record,” Biden concluded, “this was the logical, rational, and right decision to make.”

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