To the majority of the world America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was nothing shy of a disaster. Under Biden’s leadership, America kowtowed to and made a bad deal with the Taliban, essentially thug terrorists, who took over the country and its Capitol long before everyone got out.

Biden opted to turn tail and race against time to perform a mass exodus resulting in the death of American soldiers and many American citizens left behind.

Biden did so without the consent of our closest allies who have strongly condemned him for it. The British Parliament even went so far as to hold him in contempt.

The Taliban ended up with an arsenal of military equipment and arms.

Thirteen marines were killed at the airport in a suicide bomber terror attack by a faction of ISIS even though the administration had warning that it was coming. Their blood is on Biden’s hands.

Joe Biden, however, is patting himself on the back for the herculean effort made to evacuate Americans, allies, Afghan nationals that worked for and supported allies, and, let’s face it, surely some terrorists that managed to get passage out on allied planes.

Biden was not willing to address the American people directly Monday. Probably PTSD from his earlier appearance at FEMA which he cut short announcing “I’m not going to answer Afghanistan now,” after commenting “I’m not — I’m not supposed to take any questions…”

He did however release a statement thanking the commanders for getting America out on schedule.

“I want to thank our commanders and the men and women serving under them for their execution of the dangerous retrograde from Afghanistan as scheduled – in the early morning hours of August 31, Kabul time – with no further loss of American lives.”

He touted the effort as the “largest airlift in US history, evacuating over 120,000 US citizens, citizens of our allies, and Afghan allies of the United States,” under his authority.

It was quite a feat getting all of those people out, but they did not get everyone in spite of the weeks of promises, sometimes contentious, that no American who wanted to leave Afghanistan would be stranded or left behind.

In a press conference Monday, General Kenneth McKenzie stated “No American citizens came out on the last, what we call the joint tactical exfiltration, the last five jets to leave… none of them made it to the airport…”

Just how many are left behind?

According to Secretary of State Blinken it is somewhere between 150 to 200.

“We believe there are still a small number of Americans, under 200, and likely closer to 100, who remain in Afghanistan and want to leave,” he said. However, they really have no idea.

“We’re trying to determine exactly how many,” Blinken said.

Biden said in his statement that he has charged Secretary Blinken with the task to ensuring “safe passage for any Americans, Afghan partners, and foreign nationals who want to leave Afghanistan.”

How will this work as the Taliban has always been so kind and trustworthy in the past?

Apparently Biden intends to “to build on the UN Security Council Resolution passed this afternoon that sent the clear message of what the international community expects the Taliban to deliver on moving forward, notably freedom of travel.”

“The Taliban has made commitments on safe passage and the world will hold them to their commitments. It will include ongoing diplomacy in Afghanistan and coordination with partners in the region to reopen the airport allowing for continued departure for those who want to leave and delivery of humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan,” Biden said.

What could possibly go wrong there?

Biden asked every American to join him in a “grateful prayer” for three things.

He first thanked the troops and diplomats for their work on what he described as “this mission of mercy in Kabul” with “unparalleled results.” Apparently the airlifts accomplished more than Biden had planned, “tens of thousands more people than any imagined possible.” A little confusing considering they didn’t even get everyone out.

He also thanked “the network of volunteers and veterans who helped identify those needing evacuation, guide them to the airport, and provide support along the way.”

Finally he thanked everyone who will take in Afghan refugees. Of course he stopped taking Afghan refugees several days ago leaving the Taliban with a list of those who helped the U.S. One can only wonder what will happen to them. Not to mention those who did get out but were not vetted and could easily be terrorists.

His statement closed with naming and thanking the 13 marines that died at his hand.

But hey, at least he can say for better or worse, “Now, our 20-year military presence in Afghanistan has ended.”

It will be fascinating to see how the mainstream media will ultimately spin this fiasco now that it is over.

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