In the past decade, we’ve seen more and more people becoming influencers. Is it because they really love what they do or because it seems like a pretty good-paying job for not a lot of effort? Who knows? You can only find out if you become an influencer yourself. But their lives do seem glamorous with the trips around the world and gifts from famous brands.

Most of us probably thought that it would be a nice life and that it would be so cool if brands just sent stuff to your home just because you’re popular on the internet. But it’s not always like that. Turns out, influencers have gotten a little bit too used to getting everything for free, so much so that they’ve started asking for it.

Crazy Pedro’s Pizza Parlour shared a message that they’ve received from such an influencer and was annoyed that they don’t understand that businesses are really struggling right now and it’s not the time to ask for free food from them.

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Crazy Pedro’s, a pizza bar chain in the UK, is at the center of attention for refusing to give a free meal to an influencer offering to promote them on their social media

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Crazy Pedro’s is a pizza bar with locations in Manchester and Liverpool in the UK. They are most known for their pizza and margaritas as well as the laid-back atmosphere. They are quite popular on social media, having over 45k followers on Instagram, they are also active on Twitter, and you can check them out on Facebook too.

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The influencer actually mentioned a collaboration, not just plainly asked for free food, but the intention is practically the same

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Recently they received a message saying that an influencer is coming to Manchester with their boyfriend and were asking if they would be willing to collaborate with them. Meaning, if Crazy Pedro’s would give them a free meal in exchange for them posting about it on their social media.

These types of exchanges are very usual. Actually, that’s the whole point of influencers: they influence their followers to buy something. Furthermore, it’s not the first time that the pizza bar is receiving such a request. A spokesperson for Crazy Pedro’s, Nick Coupland, told, “We have received a high volume of these in the past – it’s not something we’ve ever really done though however!”

When asked, why they shared this message in particular, Nick answered, “It was how it was delivered and the timing of it… If the person in question had taken 2 minutes to read our profile and see that we’ve had to close a venue the previous week due to COVID issues – they’d hopefully have thought that this isn’t a good time for us. But it was more that it was a blanket message (as other bars received exactly the same) that was sent. It was just the way they went about it!”

The spokesperson didn’t reveal anything about the influencer, just that they didn’t react to the sassy response, but haven’t unfollowed the pizza bar.

Crazy Pedro’s doesn’t promote their business with influencers, “If someone tags us into a great piece of content, we do reach out and ask if we can reshare with their permission (and credit of course) which is entirely up to them whether they allow us to use their content! We find it great that people love to shout about our venues anyway on their own social channels!”

Crazy Pedro’s responded with “It’s a no from us ” and suggested that the influencer “read the room”

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When Crazy Pedro’s shared the message they received on their Instagram this is what they wrote in the caption, “READ THE ROOM. We’ve been open 4/5 months tops out of the last 14 and just last week closed one of our venues in the interest of staff and customers safety—whilst you’re out here after a bit of free food?

We’re all for a bit of promotion so why not pay us a visit and shout about our ‘yummy food 😋’ along with every other venue you’ve probably copy and pasted the message to? It’s a no from us unfortunately but we’ll save you a table should you wish to join us as a paying customer.

Team Ped’s X“

Many places shut down because they couldn’t survive being closed for so long and the ones who did survive can’t really afford to give away free stuff

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The lockdown was tough for the whole hospitality industry and Crazy Pedro’s wasn’t an exception, “we had to operate as a delivery/takeout service only – which isn’t what we’re all about, we’re usually having customers partying with us until 4am 7 days a week so it was super different!” And though there’s light at the end of the tunnel, according to Nick, “there’s still a long way to go to ‘normality.'”

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The internet is praising Crazy Pedro’s for giving such an answer to the influencer and many added that the place doesn’t even need promotions because they’re popular anyway. And that influencers have become too entitled, expecting special treatment because they have a little bit of a following.

Those who believe that the message was fake and it was all for attention, should know that Crazy Pedro’s wasn’t expecting anything from this. We asked if the business felt any extra traffic after the story spread out and Nick couldn’t say if there was any impact, “Who knows – we never really did it for the publicity as such – it was more to make people aware of what some venues have to deal with in such a difficult time for all. We love working with good people and pages where we can and will continue to do this! We have a super loyal army of fans who have seemed to have our back in all this which is so good to see!”

What do you think of this situation? Do you think that the influencer doesn’t get how badly the lockdowns have impacted businesses? Or do you think that Crazy Pedro’s was too harsh and should have accepted the offer that way, recovering faster from the losses they suffered? Let’s have a discussion about it in the comments!

People loved Crazy Pedro’s response to the influencer and shamed the influencer for asking such a thing in the first place

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