A Michigan player was so excited when he found out he won $1 million from a scratch-off lottery ticket that he drove away from the gas station with the gas hose still attached to his car.

An anonymous player from Genesee County forgot to remove the gas hose before he victoriously drove off with a lottery ticket worth a million dollars.

The winner, 59, stopped at the Speedway gas station on Owen Road in Fenton to fill up his tank and went inside the convenience store to buy his favorite scratch-off.

"'Winning Millions' has been my favorite Lottery game since it came out," the player told the Michigan Lottery. "I stopped at Speedway to get gas and decided to get a ticket while I was there. I started scratching the ticket while my gas was pumping. When I saw I'd matched the number 14 and then revealed the $1 million amount underneath, I started yelling, 'Are you kidding me?!'"

Everything else happening around him seemed to fall to the wayside when he revealed the "1MIL" amount underneath a matching number.

"I was so excited, I forgot I was filling up with gas and drove away with the gas pump still in my car," the joyful player remarked.

 The winner had a difficult time containing his excitement, but he finally got to claim his big prize when he visited Lottery headquarters in Lansing and took home his winnings as a one-time lump sum payment of $634,517.

According to the Lottery, he has a few things on his list he can tick off with his newfound winnings, including buying a home, a car, and a vacation.

"I have been playing since the Lottery began and finally won big," the player said in a press release. "Winning a $1 million prize is life-changing."

The nameless player claimed the last of three $1 million top prizes in the "Winning Millions" instant game, which costs $10. Players still have a shot at winning one of eight available $20,000 second prizes and 22 of 108 $1,000 third prizes, with more than $10 million in prizes remaining in the game.

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