By now, the uproar over the NBA kowtowing to Beijing over a tweet from Daryl Morey showing support for “freedom fighters” in Hong Kong was a shameful episode that has now been largely forgotten by the general public. And with tensions flaring again over the White House’s efforts to punish Beijing for the genocide in Xinjiang, a congressional commission on Tuesday is calling on American basketball stars to end their endorsements of Chinese sportswear firms that use cotton grown in the region.

Now that Hong Kong has essentially fallen to Beijing, Xinjiang has replaced Hong Kong as the China human rights issue du jour. And following reports that certain Chinese apparel firms (ANTA, Li-Ning and Peak sportswear, to name a few) had publicly proclaimed their intention to continue using cotton from Xinjiang, the chairs of the bipartisan Congressional-Executive Commission on China sent a letter to a dozen or so NBA players who have deals with these labels urging them to cut ties.

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