A woman driving with her two children in the back seat was shot last week in Northeast D.C. by a driver caught on video.

The shooter jumped out of a silver Maserati and opened fire, surveillance footage shows. The gunfire left three bullet holes in the rear window on the driver’s side, near the children. The woman is recovering after being shot in the shoulder.

The victim and her mother spoke with News4.

“I get really, really upset because it was for nothing,” the victim’s mother said in an exclusive interview. She said she's worried about her daughter and grandchildren. They asked not to use their names.

Surveillance footage shows what happened. The woman was driving along Eastern Avenue NE on May 19. She was trying to get in front of the Maserati when the driver jumped into the street and shot at her.

Then, he turned around and fired at the car behind his. That driver wasn’t hit.

The man got back into the Maserati and drove away, leaving everyone horrified.

“I’m thanking the Lord that he kept his angels around them, just seeing how everything went down,” the children's grandmother said. 

“I get really upset [watching the video] because I know it could have went a whole other way for something as senseless as road rage,” she continued.

The victim is at home recovering from the gunshot wound, thankful to be alive and that her children are OK. 

She said she’s not sure why the man would open fire.

"We didn’t say anything to each other," she said.

Her hope is that police will catch the shooter and put him behind bars.  

“I feel like people like that, they have no place in society. To me he acts like an animal, he acted like an animal,” the victim said. 

Police are offering a reward of up to $10,000 for information that leads to an arrest and conviction in this case.

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