US President Joe Biden has said that 100 days since he took the oath of office and inherited the worst pandemic in a century and the worst economic crisis in a decade, America is on the move again.

In his first speech to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday (April 28) night, President Joe Biden said that throughout history, presidents have come to the chamber to speak to the US Congress, to the nation and to the world to declare war, to celebrate peace, to announce new plans and possibilities.

"Tonight, I come to talk about the crisis and opportunity. About rebuilding the nation, revitalising our democracy and winning the future for Americans," he said.

"Hundred days since I took the oath of office, inherited our nation, the worst pandemic in a century, the worst economic crisis in a decade since the Great Depression.

"Now after 100 days I can report to the nation, America is on the move again. Crisis to opportunity," Biden said.

He said that life can knock people down, but in America, they never, ever stay down. Americans always get up. Today, that is what people are doing.

"America is rising, choosing hope over fear, truth over lies, and light over darkness. After 100 days of rescue and renewal, America is ready for take-off."

"We are working again. Discovering again and leading the world again. We have shown each other and the world that there is no quit in America, none," Biden said.

He said that 100 days ago, America's house was on fire and the extraordinary leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, and the Democrats.

"Together we passed the American Rescue Plan, one of the most consequential rescue packages in American history. We are already seeing results," Biden added.

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