The Italian government is not considering new lockdown to curb coronavirus infections, Health Minister Roberto Speranza said in a newspaper interview on Sunday, despite a steady rise in new cases over the past month.
Italy, one of Europe`s worst-hit countries with more than 35,000 deaths, on Saturday reported 1,071 new coronavirus infections, exceeding 1,000 cases in a day for the first time since the government eased its rigid lockdown measures in May.
"We will not have a new lockdown," Speranza told daily newspaper La Stampa, saying the current situation cannot be compared to February and March when the disease was spreading out of control and it was difficult to track and isolate infected people.
"I am optimistic, although prudent. Our national health service has become much stronger."
Speranza added that Italy has doubled the number of beds in intensive care units.
The number of new infections remains considerably lower than those registered in Spain and France and daily death tolls are low.
In a separate interview with newspaper Corriere della Sera, Health Undersecretary Sandra Zampa said she was convinced Italy would not impose a nationwide lockdown but did not rule out restrictions on territories where there are spikes in infection numbers.


  1. The minister forgot to say that the intensive care units for covid are EMPTY at this time in Italy and that a 1000 people infected doesn't mean they are actually ill (it's just that more people are tested). He also forgot to mention that 700 thousand people in average die in Italy every year for various reasons, from old age to illness to road accidents etc., and that this year the general death toll is following the same curve. So?.....

  2. All intensive care units for covid in all countries have remained EMPTY!